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Even before recorded time, humanity and Anthropomorphic animals coexisted. The first race that came to exist on Earth was a race of micros, human sized or smaller. They got along with one another and formed inter-species alliances to help thrive in the ever-changing world. But the peace was not to last, for soon certain members of the micro population began to grow to immense sizes, becoming known as macros; for this condition of gigantism had become hereditary in the population of affected individuals. Soon after, the macros began to see the micros as insects beneath their feet, and sought dominion over them. This caused sporadic wars between the two sizes that raged for years un-ended.

However, with the advent of medieval era technology, the tide began to turn in favor of the micros. This, coupled with the accidental discovery of a major macro weakness, led to an uprising of the smaller races. The micros discovered, upon application of a massive electrical shock, would fry their nervous systems leaving them incapable of action, or more commonly, dead where they stood. This discovery came with a second important observation. As the first macro was struck by lightning, a micro physicist observed a small 3 inch by 3 inch window to another world at the sight of the lighting bolt impact. This led to studies of other worlds and how to access them, leading to the advent of the technological age. Upon breaking into the other world, the micros discovered the existence of macros upon it, however, these macros were sworn by prophecy to protect an otherworldly race of micros. Conveniently, that race had just landed in their lap. Soon after, an alliance was formed between the macros known as "knights", and the micros so desperate for their protection. Years later, with no end to the war in sight, the micros and allied macro species came to an agreement that would possibly end the neverending feud between the evil macros and their subjugated foes. The plan was to pull every macro into the other world, where the allied macros would be able to continue the fight the war against the evil ones with ease, while the micros could finally live in peace. The plan was a huge success, which resulted in a three-week long victory celebration. Stories were handed down from generation to generation, as fables and mythical legends. but as time passed, that's all they became.

Until the late 1980's, an extremist group called "Derangma" started performing sacrificial rituals to bring back the macros. They were trying to open the portals to the other universe back up so they could form an alliance with the evil macros to conquer Earth together and to create a new beginning. They thought the fables and stories were true and believed that they could reverse the mistakes made in the past to change the world. They soon started to grow immense popularity and the sacrifices soon went from animals to other humans and anthros. After this terrorist group evolved into a large organization spanning the globe, the global militaristic forces tried to send counter-terrorism units to remove the threat and stop them from going any further. This tactic drove "Derangma" nearly to the end but it didn't stop them forever; as there was an incident in 1992 where "Derangma" and its leader raided a city in Russia known as "Chaski-Cof", and successfully completed their ritual before Counter-Terrorist groups could stop them. The ritual opened up a portal to the other world and macros flooded the city, killing all that stood in their way. Derangma pleaded to the macros about their plan, but they didn't listen and wiped them out, the leader of terrorist organization was never found.

In 1994, the world was under a major macro threat, losing nearly every war against the giant monstrosities, and were in need of assistance in combating them. The United Nations formed an idea of creating a military organization that was only to combat the macros, they named it "The Human Protective Services", or more popular known as the HPS. This idea led to the creation of the organization, and they set up HQ's mainly in Russia, France, and North America. Along with the creation of this task force, they formed an alliance with the "macro knights" again and gained a few other macro species to work alongside them. In major cities, micro bystanders also created a rebel group to fight in their defense when invaded. And thus, the story continues here...